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A Culture of Workplace Wellbeing: What Does It Actually Mean ?

What if you could transform your workplace environment into a place that promotes wellbeing, improves productivity, and enhances employee satisfaction?  

That's the mission of Altius Group, a leader in elevating the health and wellbeing of individuals, businesses, and communities. From Wellness to Workplace Services, we have the expertise and experience to deliver holistic solutions and integrated services that address every facet of workplace wellbeing.

The Foundation of Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace wellness hinges on the physical health of employees, which serves as the foundation for improved mental, emotional, and social health. It enhances cognitive functions essential for making decisions and solving problems. 

Maintaining a healthy workforce is essential as it helps to avoid injuries and effectively manages risks in the workplace. Furthermore, employees in good physical condition are better equipped to fulfil their job responsibilities, contributing to increased productivity and greater job satisfaction. 

From Injury to Integration: A Return-to-Work Pathway

When injuries occur, the path to recovery is not just about healing—it’s a journey back to functionality and productivity. Altius Group’s Return-to-Work Coordination exemplifies this pathway. It's a comprehensive service that starts with immediate injury evaluation and progresses to treatment advice and consistent engagement with all stakeholders to remove stress from the equation.
Altius Group's Return-to-Work Coordinator services include dedicated programs to improve health outcomes and ease financial burdens by mitigating the impact on workers’ compensation premiums. Professionals at Altius Group ensure recovery and return-to-work plans are executed with precision, encompassing stakeholder engagement and coordination, claims management, and WHS/OHS incident management.

Beyond Physical Health: The Role of Psychosocial Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing extends beyond the physical. Psychological health is a cornerstone of Altius Group’s approach. Integrating strategies to mitigate psychosocial risks is critical for cultivating a resilient workforce. Altius Group prides itself on its capacity to identify, assess, and address these psychosocial elements, ensuring that the employees' mental and emotional health is held with the same value as their physical safety.

Work Stress

Often considered the most pervasive psychosocial risk, work stress arises when the demands of the job exceed an employee’s capacity to cope. Chronic stress can lead to psychological issues, such as anxiety and depression, and physical problems, like cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal disorders. Within the workplace, elevated stress levels may result in decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and a higher incidence of accidents, all of which can create a cycle of reduced overall workplace morale and further stress.

Workplace Harassment and Violence

Harassment and violence in the workplace, whether psychological or physical, can create an environment of fear and distrust and shouldn't be tolerated under any circumstances. These behaviours can result in severe psychological trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and can diminish an individual’s sense of safety and belonging within the workplace. The broader impact includes decreased team cohesion, increased turnover rates, and a tarnished organisational reputation, which can hinder recruitment and retention of talent.

Job Insecurity

In the modern work environment, where job stability can no longer be taken for granted, job insecurity has emerged as a significant psychosocial hazard. The worry of losing one's job can trigger chronic anxiety, diminish self-esteem, and reduce an individual's engagement with their work. The anticipation of job loss can be just as harmful as actual job loss, leading to defensive work behaviours, reduced commitment to organisational goals, and a decline in physical and mental health.

Nourishing Success: Integrating Nutrition into Workplace Wellbeing Strategies

Another facet of wellbeing is nutrition, a critical component that connects physical and psychosocial health. Recognising its importance, Altius Group advocates for nutritional programs that support recovery, prevent injury, and boost overall employee health. These initiatives, such as "The Science of Happiness: How Your Diet Influences Your Mood" webinar held in February 2024 and the service of Wellbeing and Health Coaching, are not just about healthy eating; they’re about creating a culture where nutrition is viewed as fuel for success, empowering employees to make choices that enhance their wellbeing and productivity.

Legal Support: A Key Pillar in Workplace Wellbeing

Legal matters are one of the major aspects that can impact people's wellbeing. Hence, understanding the legalities of the workplace, such as workers’ compensation and employment rights, is integral to fostering a secure and supportive environment. Altius Group’s Wellbeing Support services offer a shield and guidance through the complexities that follow workplace injuries as well as physical issues, and financial concerns, based on a holistic approach to wellbeing. 

Financial Wellbeing as a Component of Workplace Health

The final thread in this workplace wellbeing approach is financial health. Altius Group acknowledges the profound effect financial security has on an individual’s stress levels and overall wellbeing. By offering financial advice and support, through Wellbeing Services, particularly in the wake of workplace incidents, Altius ensures that employees have the means to maintain stability through rough times, contributing to a more resilient and productive workforce. Moreover, by conducting events such as the webinar "Assessing Your Financial Health: A Two-Part Journey", Altius continues helping individuals, couples, or organisations achieve 'financial peace of mind' and reduce their financial stress.

These services draw on the combined skills and knowledge of Altius' allied health professionals with diverse backgrounds across psychology, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, and rehabilitation and are always tailored to meet the concerns and goals of the individual.

Envision a workplace where health and productivity are not merely goals but realities. Reach out today for expert guidance and support in crafting the perfect workplace wellbeing program. After all, every person, business, and community not only deserve to thrive—they have the right to do so. Contact us online or call 1800 258 487.

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