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Our Psychology Services Cover

Anxiety and Worry

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition to impact Australians. Anxiety can cause physiological symptoms that include a racing heart, shortness of breath, dizziness, trembling, and a feeling of ‘butterflies in the stomach'. When anxiety and worry have an impact on daily living and relationships, it’s best to seek professional treatment.

Anxiety and worry are highly treatable, and our clients notice a significant improvement when they receive psychology support and counselling services from our psychologists who use a range of evidence-based psychology services.

Our psychologists:

  • Provide the tools for clients to cope with the physical and psychological symptoms now and into the future.
  • Tailor their psychology service to ensure every individual is matched to the most appropriate therapy.
  • Are available for telehealth or face-to-face sessions.

Depression and Low Mood

Just like anxiety, depression, and low mood are common among Australians. The symptoms of depression include feelings of sadness, anger, a loss of interest or enjoyment in usual activities, and sleep disturbances. When a person is struggling to cope with depression, sadness, or low mood, their physical and mental health can be affected.

Our qualified psychologists provide mental health treatment to help clients overcome depression and prevent future episodes. The sessions teach clients strategies to cope with negative thoughts and process difficult experiences.

Our psychologists:

  • Offer a range of therapies as part of our psychology services to help clients. 
  • Have the experience to choose the most beneficial therapy.
  • Form a trusting relationship with their client.

Grief and Loss

The grief of losing a family member or close friend can have a devastating impact. Other life events such as a relationship breakdown, retrenchment, the birth of a child with a disability, or serious illness can also cause grief. Grief can include the feeling of overwhelming sadness as well as shock, denial, and anger. Everyone deals with grief differently. Grief can cause people to act differently, impact physical health or cause a person to question their spiritual beliefs.

Some individuals suffer from complex grief where they struggle to live with the loss. Rather than gradually thinking more positively, they’re stuck in a sorrowful place. Our psychologists can provide counselling and psychology services to help clients move beyond this place and live a more positive life.

Our psychologists:

  • Provide an empathetic space to support individuals coping with loss as part of our psychology services.
  • Are experienced, university-qualified psychologists.
  • Are available through telehealth or face-to-face appointments.

Relationship and Family Problems

Relationship breakdown is one of life’s most stressful events. Some people feel it’s like losing a family member and they grieve for the life they’ve lost. It’s common for an individual to seek psychology support to help cope with this period of major change. Substance abuse, financial difficulties, behavioural conditions, and illness can cause family problems. Feelings of anger, stress, depression, and unmet needs can arise during times of problems within a family.

Professional support from our qualified psychologists can help individuals and families better cope with the problem. We also provide strategies for helping improve the situation so the family can overcome its difficulties in the short and long term.

Our psychologists:

  • Provide an empathetic space to support individuals coping with loss as part of our psychology services.
  • Offer strategies and solutions to help you resolve conflicts within relationships.
  • Are experienced in a range of therapies to help treat anger, stress, depression, and substance abuse which in turn assist with relationship issues.
  • Are part of a team of over 100 employed psychologists across Australia, able to assist you at times when you need it most.

Stress Management

Stress is a normal part of life. Whether you feel stressed sitting for an exam or public speaking, the stressful period is short-lived, and your body returns to a normal state. Chronic stress is experienced long-term without periods of relief. Multiple stressors can cause the stress to be cumulative. Unhealthy high levels of stress can have physiological and psychological impacts. Physical symptoms can include heart palpitations, poor sleep, an upset stomach, headaches, and high blood pressure to name a few.

The psychological symptoms can include anxiety, depression, poor concentration, and feeling teary or overwhelmed. Our psychologists can provide counselling to help clients pinpoint the cause of their stress and teach them stress management techniques.

Our psychologists:

  • Provide learnings that can be used in the short-term to gain control over chronic stress and in the future to stop stress building to the chronic stage.
  • Are experienced and skilled, qualified professionals who can share evidence-based best strategies for dealing with stress.
  • Provide techniques for managing stress to support improvements in well-being for the longer term.

Adjustment to a Disability

A serious physical injury can have a devastating impact on daily life. When the injury is severe and results in a disability, it can be accompanied by a range of challenges including pain, loss of independence, social and financial issues, and impacts on family and friends. The impact of the disability can cause mental health issues for a person dealing with a disability and their support network.

Our psychologists provide psychology services to help clients come to terms with the impact the disability has on their daily life whether they are living with the disability or caring for a family member with a disability.

Altius Group psychologists:

  • Work collaboratively with other Altius Group allied health professionals to provide the best solutions and support for their clients with a disability.
  • May collaborate with a client’s treating occupational therapist, GP, surgeon, specialist, or exercise physiologist to achieve the best long-term outcome for a client.
  • Offer a friendly environment that supports individuals to talk openly about their problems and emotions.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Trauma

PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that can occur after experiencing or witnessing one or more traumatic events. Events most likely to cause PTSD include war combat, serious accidents, natural disasters, violence, and bullying. A person may suffer disturbing thoughts and feelings connected to the traumatic event.

A range of treatments are used to help with PTSD including medication, animal-assisted therapy, acupuncture, and peer support groups. Our experienced psychologists provide mental health treatment and work with other health professionals to ensure a consistent and coordinated level of care. We use evidence-based therapy to assist clients recover from the trauma so they can return to daily living.

Altius Group psychologists:

  • Provide a safe, empathetic environment that allows individuals to talk openly about their problems or emotions, either via telehealth or a face-to-face appointment.
  • Have extensive experience responding to critical incidents and supporting those experiencing PTSD and other trauma-related symptoms.
  • Are experienced in assessing for and diagnosing PTSD and Acute Stress to ensure the right treatment plan is established.

Sleep Difficulties

Poor sleep can have a devastating impact on daily life. Inadequate sleep can affect work, social life, relationships as well as physical and mental health. Our psychologists provide mental health treatment to help clients recognise negative thoughts contributing to sleep problems and offer tips for changing unhealthy habits.. All our treatment methods are evidence-based to ensure clients get the help they need for a good night’s rest.

Seeking the support of an Altius Group psychologist to improve sleep:

  • Delivers a host of health benefits including improved mental health, increased productivity, decision-making, and concentration.
  • Helps support better nutrition choices and reduces the risk of chronic disease.
  • Prevents problems such as irritability and fatigue.
  • Provides you with the strategies to set yourself up for a better night’s sleep in the longer term which has been shown to aid in the prevention of cognitive impairment, compromised immune systems, chronic stress, dementia, depression, diabetes, heart problems, increased likelihood of accidents, mood disorders, obesity, and stroke.

LGBTQIA+ Gender and Sexuality Mental Health

Lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex, and queer people are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts than heterosexual people. Stigma and discrimination, family disapproval, or social rejection are some of the reasons why LGBTQIA+ people are more likely to suffer from poor mental health.

Professional psychology support from our psychologists can help reduce the distress an individual may experience. Our psychologists can provide interventions to help clients deal with their mental health concerns and advocate on behalf of clients.

Our qualified, professional psychologists:

  • Offer a friendly, non-judgemental environment that supports individuals to talk openly about their problems and emotions.
  • Provide empathetic care and advice to those dealing with relationship and family problems.
  • Offer strategies and solutions for those experiencing stigma, discrimination, or disapproval.
  • Can advocate on a client’s behalf if required.

Anger Management

Anger is a normal emotion but when it impacts an individual’s work or personal relationships, our psychologists can help. Effective therapy has good results in treating anger. Therapy can help clients recognise the signs of rising anger and know the right actions to deal with the situation. Clients learn how to resolve conflict and with the help of our psychologist can rebuild relationships that have been harmed by anger.

Our psychologists provide mental health treatment and psychology support to:

  • Help clients pinpoint the cause of their anger and teach them evidence-based strategies to support anger management through our psychology services.
  • Teach techniques that can be used throughout a client’s life in a range of settings to manage their anger.    
  • Provide a safe, non-judgmental space where clients can talk openly about their issues.

Wellbeing Coaching

Coaching programs that boost well-being have been shown to have a positive influence on multiple areas of a person’s life. Our psychologists provide counselling and psychological services to help clients discover the cause of their stress or anxiety. A coach helps clarify goals and how to achieve them.

The first session is a health screening and discussion of goals while the subsequent sessions discuss strategies and action plans to support behaviour change. Discussion topics will relate to a client’s goals and issues they may be experiencing. The final session will be a review of the goals achieved and how to maintain progress.

Our well-being coaching:

  • Pinpoints the causes impacting a person’s well-being to support behavioural change.
    Provides an individual with clarity of their life goals and future direction.
  • Develops action plans to achieve goals and then maintain these into the future.
  • Usually runs over 3-4 months so clients can practice the strategies taught and gain feedback from their coach.
  • Can be delivered in person or via telehealth.

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Why choose Altius Group for your Psychology Services?

We listen to create a mental health treatment plan that provides the tools and therapy needed to deliver on an individual’s goals. 
We have a proven track record of delivering mental health treatment that delivers results.
We take pride in seeing our clients thrive
Our individual treatment has worked for people from all walks of life across Australia.
We  draw on the knowledge of our professional colleagues in occupational therapy, exercise physiology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and career planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer both telehealth psychological treatment and face to face appointments. Whether your location makes it difficult to visit us or you prefer telehealth appointments, the option is available to everyone. Telehealth psychological services are available through Medicare or privately funded.
Altius Group employs psychologists rather than counsellors. You can rest assured that you will receive the best possible care and advice at every appointment.
A Mental Health Treatment Plan is a plan written by your doctor outlining the type of health care you need and what you aim to achieve. While it’s not necessary to have a treatment plan, it allows you to access up to ten psychological appointments per financial year with a Medicare rebate.
Mental health treatment varies in length depending on the individual. Your psychologist will work with you to develop the skills you can use to help overcome your challenges as quickly as possible. You can discuss the length of treatment during your first psychology appointment.