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Embark on a transformative journey with Phil Gard’s webinar, "How Financially Healthy Are You?" In this one-hour session, you will gain clarity and direction as Phil guides you through a 30-minute interactive 'Financial Awareness Quiz.' Then, in the final 30-minutes, uncover insights, motivation, and practical tips to immediately enhance your financial situation. Walk away equipped to build a better financial future. Join us for this essential first step towards financial empowerment! 

Phil has over 30 years experience as a personal money coach and financial educator including building employee wellbeing programs for many organisations.  Over this time he has helped more than 5,000 individuals and couples to create their own map towards financial independence.  Phil also partners with organisations to run tailored financial webinars and employee 1:1 Financial / Money coaching often via their Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). 

Phil worked with Flight Centre Travel Group for over 20 years creating a free employee financial support area called 'Moneywise'.  At the start of 2019, he started his own financial wellbeing business to bring his programs to employees of other organisations ranging from Universities to retail firms and not for profits.
Whether working with individuals, couples or organisations his goal has always been to help others achieve 'financial peace of mind' and reduce their financial stress.