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Our Executive Health Program Services

Comprehensive Medical Assessments

EHS Comprehensive Medical Assessments help identify health risks at an early stage that enable executives to take action through sustainable behavioural change to boost chances of living happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

EHS offers three health assessment packages tailored to meet the diverse needs of executives and businesses. Each package includes a consultation with a Medical Practitioner and a comprehensive lifestyle review conducted by our degree-qualified Exercise Physiologists.

Convenience is key with our strategically located Health Assessment Centres throughout Australia. Find us in prominent locations like St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney and CBD areas in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. EHS also sends medical teams to regional Queensland, Newcastle, and Canberra on a monthly basis.

Comprehensive Medical Assessment Packages:

1. Essentials Health Assessment

Provides a current snapshot of the executive’s health status, focusing on early detection of health risk factors to mitigate potential risks. It includes a medical examination and Exercise Physiologist consultation with personalised report, typically taking around 1 hour to complete.

2. Classic Health Assessment

Popular among our executive clients, this package provides a thorough assessment of the client’s current health status. It includes comprehensive pathology, extensive consultation and examination with a Medical Practitioner and Exercise Physiologist, and an exercise stress test that typically takes 2 hours to complete. Participants also receive personalised lifestyle improvement guidelines.

3. Premium Health Assessment

Our most in-depth executive assessment that offers a thorough medical examination with extensive pathology and radiology options based on age and gender recommendations. This assessment involves significant time with the EHS Medical Practitioner and Exercise Physiologist and takes up to 3 hours to complete.

Executive Health Management Programs

Executive Health Management Programs are designed to encourage long-term health behavioural changes by offering specialised support, accountability and guidance.

Participants benefit from high engagement rates and are better prepared to achieve long-lasting health gains by enrolling in these programs after completing a comprehensive medical assessment. Numerous advantages come with these programs, such as experiencing life to the fullest, reducing stress, maintaining overall health, and getting ongoing support to meet individual health goals.

3-months Health Coaching

A unique program in the Australian corporate health market that focuses on overcoming obstacles by offering individuals research-based intervention for long-term health behaviour change. Clients receive support in putting lifestyle goals into action, tracking progress, and sustaining them through individualised, one-on-one coaching sessions with certified health coaches that incorporate positive psychology and coaching techniques. It provides an end-to-end solution for the management and improvement of health risks when combined with a health assessment. Participants benefit from individualised attention and support to achieve their often lifesaving goals – a win-win situation for them and their company.

Nutrition Programs

This program is for executives who would benefit from specialist nutrition advice for identified health risks such as high cholesterol or blood pressure, for specific chronic health condition or to prepare for a specific sporting event. Our Dietitians specialise in creating sustainable changes within demanding lifestyles, offering a practical solution for time-poor individuals.

Exercise Physiologist Program

Our team of experienced and degree-qualified exercise professionals provide personalised exercise advice to executives who want to increase their activity levels, boost their energy, address injuries, or lose weight. To accommodate the busy schedules of executives, these sessions are conducted via telehealth.

Psychological Wellbeing Program

EHS recognises that psychological wellbeing in the corporate workforce requires specialist intervention. We have, therefore, developed an EHS case managed program utilising handpicked psychologists who are experienced in dealing with an executive-level workforce. 
Executives would be eligible for 3 appointments over a 4-8 week period, allowing them to empower themselves with the tools to manage the personal and professional challenges that often arise in a modern workforce.
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Why choose Altius Group for your Executive Health Program?

Expertise. Altius Group's Executive Health Programs are designed by Dr. Mark Penny, Executive Health Solutions Medical Director, in collaboration with leading public health experts in Australia. 
Tailored services. We assess, predict, and diagnose health and wellness concerns of busy executives and individuals who lack time to prioritise their health and customise interventions to achieve their health, lifestyle, and wellbeing goals.
Real benefits. Our Executive Health Programs contribute to behavioural change with 81% of executives considering changing their diet due to their EHS assessment (based on feedback of 2500 clients).
Trusted partner. With over 20 years of experience as a trusted partner to both private and public sectors, we deliver tangible benefits to companies and individuals alike. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Health Programs are comprehensive medical assessments and targeted health management programs, either as a combined package (through Health Connect) or as standalone services, offered to busy executives whether through their company or as individual clients.  

The Comprehensive Medical Assessments program begins with an in-depth pre-assessment survey, covering family and personal history, signs and symptoms, and validated tools for evaluating psychological wellbeing and sleep habits. Executives then undergo a comprehensive health assessment conducted by experienced Medical Practitioners and Exercise Physiologists. 

Based on the findings of the assessments, executives could choose a Health Management program tailored to their identified health risks and personal goals. 

Trust is an essential element of this process.  Altius Group's Executive Health Solutions (EHS) is always concerned about client and employee privacy, thus confidentiality is guaranteed. No personal details or issues raised during the consultation sessions will be communicated to another party without the consent of the employee.

Yes, through the Health Connect program. In the Health Connect program, based on findings of the comprehensive health assessments, individuals are triaged into appropriate health management program tailored to their identified health risks and personal goals. EHS provides ongoing care at every stage of the program, including follow-ups, coordination with specialists, management of health program involvement, and ensuring prompt action on GP referrals. We handle all bookings, invoicing, and program management, alleviating any burden from participants. 

Contact the EHS team to have a program tailored for you.

Yes, you can access our program through Life First. This platform offers comprehensive  medical assessments and personalised health management programs tailored to individual needs, ensuring proactive care and support for your long-term health goals.