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Solutions for Insurers

Tailored, evidence-based health and risk solutions for your clients

We bring experience and passion to elevating individual and workplace wellbeing.

How we help Insurers

1. Tailored solutions
We understand problems, claim by claim, and provide tailored, evidence-based solutions that make a real difference and drive outcomes, within optimal timeframes.
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2. Quality and accessible services
We bring premium end-to-end, allied health services together in a single hub, available and accessible on our customer’s and client’s terms, not ours.
3. Experience and expertise to support complex claims
With access to broad medical and allied health specialties, our clients receive the holistic support required for the most complex claims.
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4. We innovate to support the needs of key relationships
We are skilled at developing key relationships and we support these through innovative interventions and solutions to achieve independence, return to function and to work.
5. The right expertise
Our allied health experts support claim managers to achieve successful outcomes. Our team holds specialist knowledge of Return to Work guidelines and WHS legislation to support risk management.
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6. Follow through
We build a rapport with clients, develop trust and remain solution focused. When we partner with our clients and customers, we find a way to overcome their challenges, and we don’t give up until we have.

Our Insurer partnerships drive mutually beneficial outcomes

As leaders in physical, mental and social health service, we deliver better outcomes for our clients.
600000  +
with temporary setbacks or permanent disability have improved their health and wellbeing
15  +
insurance companies partner with us to deliver optimal outcomes
150000  +
individuals have been assisted to return to work
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“I’m passionate about helping our Insurer partners through design and delivery of targeted health and wellbeing initiatives, to create safer and sustainable workplaces using Altius Group’s suite of services”.
Meet one of our insurance experts

Bryan McGrath

General Manager, Insurer Partnerships

Bryan has over 17 years of experience working across state and federal personal injury compensation schemes. His WHS expertise enables him to design and develop safer workplaces to minimise their employees’ risk of injury and illness. Bryan has worked across a range of sectors, with businesses large and small, to help them manage their premiums through tailored workplace safety design and initiatives.

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