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Our Disability Employment Services

Vocational Assessment (including digital delivery) with FuturePathways™

Our vocational assessments provide a solid foundation to help individuals navigate their future career. Through interviews and assessments, we gather valuable information about an individual’s interests, education and achievements - to establish their aptitudes and transferable skills.

CIM Employment by Altius Group utilises FuturePathways™ - an innovative, digitally supported vocational and career matching assessment platform. The interactive platform guides individuals requiring vocational, redeployment or outplacement support – and accurately matches them to suitable careers. We ensure our vocational recommendations reflect any injury or disability considerations for individuals.

Our vocational assessments services:

  • Enable us to assess an individual’s capacity in relation to vocational preparation.
  • Help us to better understand our clients to support them through the job searching experience. 
  • Highlight an individual’s work experience, abilities, transferable skills, and preferred working styles and environments.
  • Report all recommended vocational options including any training needs.

Career Advice and Support

Our consultants are skilled people in providing career goal setting and coaching to candidates, and helping them to identify suitable new employment pathways. We focus on collaboration, rapport building and thorough planning to build trust with our candidates and encourage their commitment to achieving their realistic professional goals.

When we provide career advice and support:

  • A dedicated consultant works closely with an individual to create a plan that is tailored to their specific needs, helping them to stay motivated and on track to achieving their career goals and develop workplace relations..
  • We create greater buy-in with the candidate by discussing self-perceived tolerances, strengths and barriers to successful vocational opportunities.
  • We identify strategies to resolve barriers using solution-focused techniques.
  • We ensure our candidate feels ready and confident for their new role.
  • Our focus is on placing our clients in roles that will provide sustainable, fulfilling work for the long term.

Job Seeking Education

CIM Employment consultants work with candidates to help them build the skills and confidence they need to apply for roles of interest and enhance their employability. We help our candidates fully prepare for the job application and interview process to ensure they approach opportunities professionally and confidently.

Candidates receive support in job-seeking skills including resume preparation, assistance with covering letters, job applications and interview techniques. 

Our job-seeking education service:

  • Empowers candidates in their job-seeking journey by building confidence and self-esteem.
  • Provides essential skills in job seeking as a foundation for their future careers. 
  • Helps candidates feel fully prepared to attend job interviews.

Job Placement

When a job placement is obtained, we partner with our inclusive employers to ensure the candidate becomes a valued, contributing member of their business.

Our consultants have the skills and experience required to network on our candidates’ behalf. We make sure our candidates feel supported as they settle into their new role. 

Our job placement service:

  • Ensures candidates are in a work environment conducive to their needs. 
  • Builds confidence in candidates as they acquire and develop their skills in inclusive organisations.
  • Provides experience for a candidate’s resume and their future working lives.
  • Aims to support candidates’ placement in a role that they find fulfilling.

Work Trials

We source work trials in differing environments giving candidates a chance to familiarise themselves with different employers, learn new skills, and gain a better understanding of the type of work situation that best suits their needs. 

Our consultants liaise with suitable employers to establish a work trial that suits the aptitudes and interests of a candidate.

Our work trials: 

  • Allow our candidates to try out and experience different industries and roles to find an environment that suits them and a job role they find interesting and enjoyable.
  • Enable candidates to show their work skills in a real job environment - with the potential of gaining access to a job placement.
  • Increase work skills through active experience.

Job Canvassing

Our dedicated consultants actively go into the job marketplace and find opportunities for our candidates. Job canvassing involves researching job openings online, visiting job fairs and other events, networking with job contacts, and contacting employers to create opportunities for our candidates and find the best roles for them.

Job Canvassing:

  • Enables us to offer job roles that may not be immediately apparent or easily accessible to an individual job seeker.
  • Supports our job seekers by networking with professionals in their desired field, leading to future job opportunities or career advice.
  • Allows our vocational consultants to target specific industries and employers for new roles. 

Employer Networking

We build relationships with industries and employers allowing us to stay abreast of changes in various employer industries and give us deeper insights and opportunities in the market. This enables us to access potentially hidden job markets as employers choose us for preferred recruitment relations.

Employer Networking:

  • Helps us build relationships with inclusive employers to provide further opportunities for our job seekers.
  • Increases the visibility of our DES program to employers of choice.

Stakeholder Engagement and Support

Guidance and support are also available to our inclusive employers. As a registered Disability Employment Provider, we can access assistance for employers. We support workplaces to access employer incentives, wage subsidies and supported wages. We collaborate with allied health professionals to facilitate workplace modifications and navigate the process for apprenticeships and traineeships.

As a registered Disability Employment Provider:

  • Our consultants understand the paperwork requirements to build successful employer-employee relationships.
  • Are skilled facilitators, experienced at making sure the right supports are in place for successful long term work partnerships.
Disability Employment Services F Altius Group

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Why Use Our Employment Services?

We have over 13 years of industry experience.
Our services have placed over 1800 candidates into employment.
We have established strong connections with over 1000 inclusive employers.
Our consultants have in-depth labour market knowledge.
Our DES and NDIS combined offer end-to-end disability services.
We take pride in a person-centred approach where the candidate is positioned at the forefront of services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disability employment services delivered by the CIM Employment team help people with a disability, illness or injury find and keep a job. Disability employment services can include Disability Management Services, for individuals who want occasional support in the workplace to keep a job, or Employment Support Services, for individuals who need regular, ongoing support.
Altius Group is a Disability Employment Service (DES) provider that helps people with a disability find work and keep a job. Through the DES program, people with a disability, injury or a health condition may be able to receive assistance to prepare for, find and keep a job. The DES program gives candidates flexibility and choice in the services they receive and how they receive them, with candidates able to choose their preferred provider when they first enter the program. 
We frequently liaise with our candidates through online, face to face sessions. Contact us and we can help you to set up an online appointment.
Our candidates are supported by the FuturePathways™ platform, which delivers accurate insights into an individual’s potential to find meaningful employment that fits their values, interests, skill set, motivational drivers and which reflects their physical and psychological capacity.
Disability Employment Services are delivered by CIM Employment by Altius and available for job seekers with a disability, injury or health condition who need assistance to find a job and occasional support in the workplace to keep a job.

Operating in a workplace can be challenging for an individual when their disability impacts on their capacity to contribute to their employer. Work Assist provides support to eligible employees who have difficulty fulfilling the essential requirements of their role due to their injury, disability or health condition. Altius Group consultants work with the employee and their employer to provide supports to maximise the chance of the employee maintaining their employment. In most cases, the employee’s employer (colleagues and management) will be included in the process. However, in some cases where the employee has chosen not to share information about their injury, disability or health condition with their employer, the employee can still request and receive assistance from Work Assist.

To be eligible for Work Assist an employee must be employed for at least eight hours per week on average over the previous consecutive 13 weeks or there is an expectation that the employee’s current employment will last for at least 13 weeks. This arrangement allows workers employed for less than 13 weeks to receive assistance, except for where the job is very short term. Candidates who are receiving workers’ compensation are not eligible for Work Assist.

Our inclusive employers may be eligible for a wage subsidy. This provides a financial incentive to encourage our inclusive employer to give our candidate an opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for ongoing employment. The wage subsidy must not be more than 100 per cent of the candidate’s wage.

During discussions with the employers regarding job placements for our eligible candidates, our consultants may offer a subsidy to the prospective employer. Wage subsidies must be negotiated before the placement commences.