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Employee Assistance Program

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) enables workplaces to provide their employees access to the professional support of a qualified psychologist. Our EAP service provides free, confidential psychological support to workers, and often their families, across the country.

We can arrange for employees to see a psychologist in person at our many offices or set up an appointment via telehealth. Appointments are available during business hours and into the early evening. Our psychologists are also available to EAP employees 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for crisis counselling and critical incidents. EAP counselling can also be provided using Australian Sign Language (Auslan) or with the assistance of a bilingual psychologist or an interpreter if required.

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Our Employee Assistance Program Services

Psychological Support and Counselling

Our psychological support and counselling provides vital support to improve the mental health, resilience and wellbeing of individuals. This EAP service is free for employees (and often their family members) to ensure they can gain easy access to professional services when they need it most. 

We can assist with a range of issues people face at work or in their home life including: Depression, anxiety, stress; Family or relationship problems; Children and adolescents’ mental health; Work related problems (such as bullying, conflict and redundancy); Alcohol or other substance use problems; Grief and loss; Trauma along with other personal or work-related issues.

All sessions are conducted by psychologists and can be face to face, online or via phone. Our psychologists use a friendly, caring approach that focuses on practical solutions. 

Providing employees access to psychological counselling and support:

  • Helps employees to avoid attending a GP appointment to find a psychologist and possibly a long wait for an appointment. For many it may take too long and be too difficult, so they go without assistance. 
  • Enables employees to access a psychologist sooner, which may reduce the likelihood of longer-term poor mental health outcomes.
  • Supports employee engagement and retention and reduces psychosocial risk in the workplace.

Employers may also arrange for us to carry out Welfare Checks with employees for whom they have concerns, whether this is following a Critical Incident, or other stressors. This can be important in determining what additional support their employees may need in moments of crisis.

Manager Assistance Program (MAP)

Managers experience new challenges daily and may have to make difficult decisions that affect their employees. Our Manager Assistance Program (MAP) assists workplace managers and supervisors deal with issues such as concerns about an employee’s fitness for work, organisational change, managing difficult behaviours, workload, poor mental health, stress management and more. Our senior psychologists provide friendly and caring support focused on providing practical solutions. 

Appointments are available at short notice to provide managers/supervisors with the advice they need to respond to an issue. We get to know our clients and the culture of the organisation so we can ensure the advice is tailored for every client. 

Our Manager Assistance Program:

  • Can provide managers with confidence, peace of mind, and enhanced leadership skills. All these attributes support the manager and their current and future staff.    
  • Is delivered by our senior psychologists experienced in supporting a positive organisational culture.
  • Educates managers on the key attributes shared by successful people managers. 
  • Offers guidance on how managers can best support teams by providing a safe working environment, communicating effectively, monitoring the health and welfare of their team, addressing performance issues appropriately, and operating within your organisations’ WHS/OHS policies.

Wellbeing Support

Prevention is always better than the cure. When an organisation supports the wellbeing of their employees, they are investing in their future health and happiness. Employees are impacted by a range of difficulties that can affect their mental and/or physical health. Having access to a wellbeing program, can provide encouragement or knowledge to improve their situation. 

Some of the most common factors that impact a person’s wellbeing include physical issues, poor nutrition, financial concerns or legal matters. Providing advice on a personal matter can pay dividends in terms of loyalty to the organisation and positive word of mouth.  

Altius Group wellbeing support:

  • Is based on a holistic approach to wellbeing.
  • Draws on the combined skills and knowledge of our allied health professionals with diverse backgrounds across psychology, physiotherapy, exercise physiology and rehabilitation.
  • Is always tailored to meet the concerns and goals of the individual.
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Why choose Altius Group for your Employee Assistance Program?

We’re one of the few national providers that still offer face to face counselling sessions with qualified psychologists.
Clients have the choice of in-person or telehealth appointments. 
Altius Group only uses psychologists to deliver EAP services.
We’ve carried out over 1 million EAP counselling and wellbeing sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Employee Assistance Program or EAP is a free, confidential counselling service offered to employees and their family members. In addition to access to psychologists, some EAP programs offer access to other health and wellbeing support services, such as nutrition, exercise, legal and financial coaching support. Access to these services are offered as an employee benefit.
No, the EAP is paid by the employer so there is no charge to the employee. However, once the individual’s EAP allocation has been exhausted, they may choose to continue sessions privately.
The Manager Assistance Program can assist in answering any questions you have. You may not know how to respond to a staff member when they have a difficult request. Delivering bad news to an employee can be difficult to do and take an emotional toll. Knowing how to word it and deal with the outcome of the conversation can help. 
Trust is an essential element of this process. PeopleSense by Altius Group is always concerned about client and employee privacy, as such confidentiality is guaranteed. No personal details or issues raised during the counselling sessions will be communicated to another party without the consent of the employee, except in cases where there is concern for an individual’s safety and wellbeing.
Please refer to our confirmation email and/or SMS message for your appointment time and date. To change or cancel your appointment, please call us on 1300 307 912. Please note we have a 24-hour cancellation policy and cancellations made within 24 hours of your appointment time may count towards your session allocation.