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Our Organisational Psychology Services

Leadership Development Programs

Understanding the pivotal role good leaders play in organisations, our specialist team’s Leadership Development Programs aim to empower leaders by developing key competencies in engagement and empowerment, communications skills and building relationships. We cover what makes a good leader, leadership theory, workplace values and staff alignment.

We support your business leaders in developing self and others, learning how to provide and receive feedback, managing change and enhancing resilience. Our Organisational Psychologists explain how to foster collaboration, navigate differences between people and celebrate success. Developing leaders’ communication skills is also key to the program including training in assertiveness, verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening and engaging staff effectively.

Altius Group’s leadership development program:

  • Fosters the development of effective leaders who lay a foundation for a healthy workplace culture.
  • Provides leaders with the tools to effectively communicate in the face of workplace challenges.
  • Helps leaders to develop resilient, effective teams.
  • Promotes employee engagement and improves workplace relationships.
  • Helps future managers to learn effective leadership skills by example.

Work Climate and Engagement Surveys

Our climate analytics evaluate business processes, systems and activities that can impact both an employee’s wellbeing and organisational effectiveness. Our services always include recommendations for improvement, action plans and programs to ensure we drive behavioural change and improvement within organisations. 

Our psychologists are experienced in designing and implementing tailored solutions involving surveys, focus groups and individual interviews. These tailored solutions facilitate a deeper dive into the unique factors influencing the climate within your organisation. We operate closely with you to create the best approach for your needs, taking into consideration your goals and objectives.

Altius Group climate and engagement surveys:

  • Employ methods that are based on rigorous analytical and evidence-based approaches that deliver meaningful results.  
  • Provide powerful insights and the opportunity to manage employee and organisational wellbeing proactively. 
  • Include diagnostics accompanied by sophisticated online reporting - allowing organisations to drill down into the business to compare and benchmark different groups and demographics.

Organisational and Team Development

We work with organisations to improve their culture and better engage their employees, by offering a range of services that enable a proactive approach to employee and organisational wellbeing.

After employing our organisational climate analytics to evaluate business processes, systems and activities that can impact both an employee’s wellbeing and organisational effectiveness, we develop action plans and programs to ensure we drive behavioural change and improvement within organisations.

We may recommend a Team Values Alignment Process as part of a culture development program. The values, or guiding principles, of an organisation sit alongside an organisation’s vision and mission/purpose – to form the framework for work accomplishment. If an organisation’s values are not known or unclear, not understood or supported or shared - they run the risk of being made up or driven by strong personalities. This can often lead to negative culture or limit organisational progress. 

We also support an organisation’s cultural development through times of change. As humans we traditionally resist change, so managing the human elements is essential to the success of change. We aim to help your organisation and your people plan for change, as opposed to reacting to it.

Working with Altius Group organisational psychologists on culture development:

  • Increases the quality of your services, employee productivity, efficiency and/or effectiveness.
  • Leads to greater morale and cooperation in teams stemming from organisational values such as ‘respect’, ‘teamwork’, ‘trust’ and ‘support’.
  • Increases employee engagement identified by their direct work output and positive behaviour - which are indicative of other values such as ‘accountability’, ‘ownership’ or ‘growth’.

Mental Health Education and Awareness: Online Self-Paced Module

Our national team of psychologists delivers engaging, evidence-based mental health education to develop your employees’ understanding of mental health conditions and to provide them with the tools they need to have difficult conversations and provide support to colleagues.

Altius Group’s workplace mental health training can be delivered through our online, self-paced, module or face-to-face small and large group delivery. Employees will learn about a range of mental health conditions and develop skills to take action to help those impacted by mental illnesses. 

Altius Group’s Mental Health Education and Awareness:

  • Can reduce the impact of mental health issues, with mental illness a leading cause of disability in Australia, impacting people both personally and at work.
  • Helps employees understand 'how and when to seek mental health support' and supports the importance of reaching out rather than coping with mental health issues alone.
  • Helps employees identify signs of emotional distress in colleagues.
  • Includes practical advice on how to start a conversation and connect colleagues with the assistance they need.
  • Is delivered by our psychologists who have extensive experience in helping and educating people in the mental health field.

Training and Development

Our training solutions are designed to meet the needs of your organisation, ensuring that your employees are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in a changing climate. Our team of experienced health professionals provide engaging and evidence-based learning experiences that promote physical and psychological safety.

We offer over 80 training modules covering mental health, wellbeing, developing people and teams, leadership, Work Health and Safety, training for the personal injury sector and specialist medical training.

With our tailored packages, we have several delivery options available including face-to-face and online formats, small and large group delivery and a short one-hour workshop through to a full day of learning. We’ll work with you on a training solution to suit your needs. We also offer several training sessions in webinar format as part of our Altius Group Wellbeing Webinar Series.

Altius Group Training:

  • Is delivered by industry experts.
  • Provides a wide range of flexible delivery options.
  • Is based on the latest evidence-based research, delivered by experts in their field.
  • Is fully flexible to cater to organisations of all sizes.

Career Transition and Outplacement

We provide career transition services to individuals and groups to help them seek alternative employment, either within or outside of their organisations. This support benefits employees impacted by workplace changes, those looking to make a career change within their current organisation, employees transitioning into retirement or simply looking for career guidance as part of their ongoing development.

Altius Group's workplace psychologists offer counselling support, self-awareness programs, career coaching, competency and personality-based assessments, resume development and job search training. 

Altius Group organisational psychologists:

  • Work with employers to devise the right Career Transition and Outplacement service offering for their employees.
  • Help employees to identify their next opportunity and move forward in their careers with a positive mindset.
  • Provide practical guidance with resumes, LinkedIn, interview techniques and skills to negotiate aspects of their new role, such as salary and flexible working hours.
  • Ensure your Career Transition and Outplacement program strengthens your organisational culture, as one that values its employees.

Psychometric Testing

Many employers are interested in different personality traits as indicators of job-relevant behaviours. Our organisational psychologists use standardised measures that assess different personality traits that are relevant to occupational settings. Employers often use personality tests for recruitment, to see how well job applicants fit the role they are applying for, or for coaching and development purposes.

Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individual mental capabilities and behavioural style. They are designed to measure candidates' suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities). 

Altius Group Psychometric Testing:

  • Identifies the extent to which a candidate's personality and cognitive abilities match those required to perform the role.
  • Provides employers with information to identify the hidden aspects of candidates that are difficult to extract from a face-to-face interview.
  • Helps guide the recruitment process as well as career transition and outplacement.

Specialist Recruitment

Altius Group provides specialist assessment solutions to clients recruiting for more senior level or specialist roles which often require very specific capabilities and behaviours. Through our partner networks and relationships, utilising best-in-class assessment tools and technologies, we provide the level of support required to select the right candidates for such roles.

We typically provide these services to clients who have already shortlisted candidates and require a more in-depth assessment and input into final interviews and reference checking. 

We support the recruitment process for a variety of leadership and specialist roles within our client organisations through:

  • Culture fit assessments.
  • Capability alignment.
  • Providing potential interview questions.
  • Candidate development recommendations for shortlisted applicants.
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Why choose Altius Group for your Organisational Psychology services?

We provide the expertise to deliver interventions and solutions to optimise employee performance.
We take a proactive and holistic approach to addressing employee performance and wellbeing.
Our psychologists use the latest evidence-based research and tools to identify, diagnose and manage an organisation’s people-based risks.
Altius Group has over 20 years of experience predicting, consulting, and providing tailored solutions to, potential employee wellbeing risks.
With clinics across Australia, we can provide organisational psychology services wherever your organisation is located.

Frequently Asked Questions

Change management is more than making people happy with the change – it’s about realising the results and return on investment the organisation has set out to achieve.

Studies suggest that 70% of organisational changes commonly fail due to poor management of the human elements. In the short term, this results in money, time and people becoming wasted resources. Long-term and indirect costs of unsuccessful change include lowered morale, decreased confidence in leadership and increased resistance to change.

Our organisationally trained psychology team consults closely with organisations to customise the change management process, assist with the implementation of a structured change management model and provide continuous support and evaluation throughout the change.

We assist organisations to align their values and to develop their workplace culture. We do this by involving employees in a multi-layered Values Alignment Process. Our multi-layered approach, followed through consultation with organisations, enhances team effectiveness by assessing what motivates a team. The process involves:

  • Developing an insight report.
  • Facilitating a values alignment workshop.
  • Developing a charter to align the team’s behaviours with organisational values.

Depression, anxiety, psychosis, and substance use problems are covered in addition to the following crises:

  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviours
  • Non-suicidal self-injury (deliberate self-harm)
  • Panic attacks
  • Traumatic events
  • Drug or alcohol dependency/abuse
  • Severe psychotic states
  • Aggressive behaviours