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Why See a Psychologist? Benefits & Expert Advice

Attending a therapy session can feel daunting, but Psychologist Jaydene Tucker says everyone can benefit from talking a psychologist. Find out why.

As a provider of Employee Assistant Programs (EAP) we often get asked ‘Why should I talk to a psychologist?’ You may have close friends you can talk to about your mental health or might be wondering what the point is of speaking with someone at all. We asked Psychologist Jaydene Tucker about the benefits of talking to a trained psychologist.


Different Dynamics for the Better

'The dynamics when speaking with a psychologist are different to when speaking with a friend in a way that optimises the experience for you. Sessions offer a safe, non-judgmental environment to explore your thoughts, feelings and worries. When you see a psychologist the focus can be on you, without having to worry about feeling like you might be burdening the listener. Psychologists go into the profession because there is a genuine interest and fascination in hearing peoples’ stories and helping them to find ways to lead more fulfilling lives.'


Confidentiality and Clear Boundaries

'Psychologists are required to adhere to a set of well-defined ethical standards, guidelines for practice and boundaries which means they can engage in your life without being a part of it. The fact that sessions are entirely confidential often provide people the ease of mind that the things they are sharing are not going to be shared or broadcast to others. This can enable people to truly open up during the counselling session about what their experiencing and give the practitioner true insights to their challenges.'


Identification of Patterns and Solutions

'People often start their journey in distress but without awareness of the behaviours and interactions which are causing them pain. The way that Psychologists approach conversations differ from others in that they listen closely to your stories to help you identify patterns of behaviour.  From here Psychologists can create individualised coping strategies for you, helping you handle difficult situations now and in the future. Solutions and strategies are not always tangible, sometimes these are shifts in ways of thinking which everyday people might not be aware of.'

Areas of Expertise and Evidence Based Treatment

'Psychologists can help with a great number of mental health issues such as stress, depression, anxiety and substance use to name a few. We all work across different areas have knowledge and expertise in particular areas. Sessions are more than just talking, the way that psychologists approach sessions are based on research and evidence to indicate that it actually helps. You might be familiar with some different types of treatment such as CBT, ACT, DBT.'

Jaydene made a point of saying that everyone can benefit from speaking with psychologists – even psychologists themselves!


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