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Recognising AMS Consulting Values Award Recipient: Abid Mujala

We are delighted to congratulate Abid Mujala from AMS Consulting, this year’s recipient of the AMS Values Award. This award recognises Abid’s exceptional commitment to the core principles and culture of AMS Consulting.

Whether it be through his interactions with colleagues or external parties, Abid consistently demonstrates the essence of the AMS values:  

Exceptional Customer Service, Professionalism, Performance, Collaboration, Integrity, Leadership, Innovation and Development, Respect and Responsibility. 

One of Abid's remarkable qualities is his exceptional sense of humor, which plays a pivotal role in cultivating a positive and engaging atmosphere across the team. Abid stands as an exemplary figure in leadership at AMS Consulting. His resolute and purpose-driven leadership style serves as a guiding light, motivating his team to constantly strive for excellence. Leading by example, Abid consistently sets high standards for his peers, promoting innovation, development, and collaboration at every conceivable opportunity. 

We look forward to witnessing his continued success and positive impact within our organisation. 

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