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National Reconciliation Week 2024: Now More Than Ever - Upholding Voices, Advancing Justice

This National Reconciliation Week (NRW) from May 27th to June 3rd we're all encouraged to listen, learn, and act.

But this year, it conveys an urgent message:  

“Now More Than Ever.” 

The Heartbeat of NRW

NRW pulses with significance. Its rhythm echoes the footsteps of those who fought for justice—their voices rising like smoke from sacred fires.

Let us trace its origins:  

In 1993, during the International Year of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, NRW began as the “Week of Prayer for Reconciliation.” Faith communities joined hands, weaving threads of hope. In 1996, the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation birthed Australia’s first National Reconciliation Week. Since then, it has grown into a powerful movement in our nation’s journey towards unity and understanding.

Now More Than Ever

Altius Group proudly stands in solidarity with National Reconciliation Week, recognising it as an important opportunity for all Australians to reflect on our common history, cultures, and achievements.

According to Rebecca Caratti, a proud Yamaji woman and Registered Psychologist at Altius Group, "NRW serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of acknowledging and honouring the Indigenous Peoples who have shaped our country's rich culture. Not just for this week, but every week."

Altius Group's commitment to reconciliation goes beyond words - it is reflected in our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). This plan reflects our solid commitment to promote reconciliation via cultural integration and diversity in the workplace and beyond. By strengthening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, we hope to create a community of shared values, aspirations, and a common language around reconciliation.

Through our RAP program, Altius Group strives to transform good intentions into positive actions. Our approach to reconciliation encompasses three key objectives:

1. Cultural Education and Responsiveness  

Altius Group prioritises providing culturally safe and responsive healthcare services. We achieve this by training our team members, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to respect varied cultural backgrounds and deliver high-quality care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

2. Employment Opportunities  

We are committed to hiring First Nations people in allied health and support roles. By 2025, we hope to attain a 3.3% First Nations employment rate, in line with Australia's demographics.

3. Supply Chain Engagement  

Altius Group actively promotes Indigenous enterprises and communities by including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into our supplier networks. In addition, we proudly display commissioned Goompi artwork in our offices, which honours Indigenous art and culture.

Altius Group reaffirms its commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, standing firm against all forms of racism. As we embrace the spirit of NRW2024, let us not only acknowledge past injustices, but also resolve to build a future based on equality and justice for everyone.

Rebecca Caratti reflects, "NRW is a poignant reminder of our shared responsibility to create a more just and equitable Australia. It is not enough to simply observe; we must actively participate in the journey to reconciliation, both individually and collectively. I invite everyone to ask themselves, '"What am I doing to contribute to a more just and equitable Australia?"' 

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