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Nabenet Consultant Award - Altius Awards

We are delighted to recognize Eliza as the recipient of the Nabenet Group Consultant Award. Eliza's contributions have had a profound impact on injured workers and clients, consistently leading to positive outcomes. 

 Eliza is renowned for her dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, making her a highly sought-after resource for our clients. She goes above and beyond to proactively address the unique challenges faced by workers, consistently resulting in positive feedback and successful resolutions. Her commitment to professional growth is evident through her active participation in both external and internal training programs, equipping her with the skills and expertise needed to provide personalised and effective solutions to complex cases. She seamlessly combines clinical training with specialised knowledge, ensuring that her clients receive the best possible care. 

 Furthermore, Eliza's proactive approach extends beyond her core responsibilities. She has shown remarkable initiative by expanding her skill set to encompass additional support services, including the Wellbeing Support Service. This not only elevates the quality of her service but also allows her to support injured workers from a holistic biopsychosocial perspective, addressing their physical, mental, and social well-being. 

 Eliza is not just an exceptional consultant but also an integral part of our team. Her compassion and guidance extend to her colleagues, fostering a safe and supportive work environment where everyone can thrive. 

 In addition to her client-focused efforts, Eliza maintains open lines of communication with the Business Development Manager, continually identifying new clients who could benefit from the comprehensive suite of services offered by Altius Group, including Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) initiatives, and health screenings. Eliza's dedication to understanding her clients' unique needs and providing tailored solutions underscores her exceptional commitment to improving the lives of injured workers and clients. 

 Eliza's exemplary efforts serve as an inspiration to us all, and her positive impact on injured workers and clients is a testament to her commitment to excellence. She truly embodies the spirit of the Nabenet Group Consultant Award. Congratulations, Eliza, on this well-deserved recognition! 

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