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Jenny Jubb Wins 2023 Northern Territory Insurance Industry Award

Altius Group is elated to announce that Jenny Jubb, our Occupational Therapist and Rehabilitation Consultant for Rehabilitation Services by Altius, has won the prestigious  2023 Northern Territory Insurance Industry Award - Service Provider of the Year category. This win highlights Jenny's dedication, expertise, and remarkable contributions in the field. 

Jenny's extensive 18-year journey in the complex and catastrophic injury space has been nothing short of exceptional.  

Extraordinary commitment and client-centric approach 

Jenny’s unshakable commitment to assisting workers and participants who have suffered injuries with over 35% whole-person impairment due to workplace or motor vehicle accidents is truly remarkable.

What sets Jenny apart is her client-centric approach to goal development. She creates an environment where clients are empowered to define their goals, fostering trust and openness. Jenny leverages her extensive clinical expertise and in-depth knowledge of complex injuries to collaborate with professional networks, sourcing the right services and equipment that empower individuals to reach their goals.

Sustainable impact 

Beyond her individual contributions, Jenny's willingness to share her knowledge and coach others within the complex and catastrophic space reflects her commitment to professional growth and client-centred successful outcomes. Her leadership and mentorship qualities have created a collaborative environment where everyone is empowered to contribute to achieving client-based goals. 

Jenny's recognition as a winner in these awards is a testament to her commitment to excellence and, client-centred approach, that we, at Altius Group, strive to live up to. 

Altius Group celebrates Jenny's well-earned achievements and looks forward to the positive impact she will undoubtedly continue to make.  

Bravo to our outstanding winner! 

At Altius Group, you'll find a comprehensive team of healthcare professionals, like Jenny, who are dedicated to delivering personalised, client-centred services that empower individuals to reach their goals. 

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