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Consultant Award - Rehabilitation Services

Congratulations to Jenna who has been named as one of the two winners of the 2022 Altius Awards - Consultant Award, Rehabilitation Services. 

Jenna, a Rehabilitation Consultant, brings a high level of energy and passion to her work every day, which is contagious among her team. Her excellent case management skills, strategic thinking, and deep knowledge of the Workers’ Compensation process have resulted in exceptional outcomes.  

Over the past year, Jenna has shared her expertise with new starters, inspiring and motivating them to achieve their best. Her efforts have contributed to the success of the team, and we applaud her for this. 

At Altius Group, we are committed to providing top-quality Ocuupational Rehabilitation services, and Jenna's contributions have helped us fulfill this commitment. To learn more about our Occupational Rehabilitation services, click

We offer our heartfelt congratulations to Jenna on her outstanding achievement.

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