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Innovative Workplace Services for Modern Businesses

It's the twenty-first century, and we know the health of a workplace is as crucial as its economic success - full stop. Hence, modern businesses face the challenge of adapting to new standards of employee care and safety. 

Altius Group is constantly on the rise to meet this challenge, providing end-to-end workplace services designed to advance workplace safety, enhance organisational psychology, and prioritise comprehensive employee wellbeing. Our customisable approach targets the root of workplace challenges, focusing on psychosocial risk prevention and holistic wellbeing services to promote a safe environment for individual and organisational growth.

Enhancing Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) with Altius Group

Understanding and addressing psychosocial risks is key to safeguarding the mental and physical health of employees. Stressful work environments, lack of support, and unclear job expectations can lead to heightened levels of workplace stress, anxiety, and depression, which not only diminish mental wellbeing but can also manifest in physical illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and musculoskeletal problems. On the contrary, cultivating a healthier, more engaged workforce leads to improved job satisfaction, retention, and overall productivity while reducing healthcare costs and absenteeism.

Altius Group’s commitment to workplace health and safety extends to:

Assessing the Unseen with Psychosocial Risk Assessment

If you are a business rooting against stress-induced psychological or physical harm for its employees, this service is for you. Altius Group's thorough assessments dig into the dynamics of the workplace, examining factors such as role overload, managerial support, isolation, exposure to trauma, and instances of bullying or harassment. Our team of WHS consultants, organisational psychologists, and allied health professionals provide an integral strategy to pinpoint and neutralise these risks. 

To manage psychosocial hazards, one must understand what these look like. View and refer back to this checklist. One step further, when organisations manage psychosocial hazards, they align with WHS regulations and promote a culture that prioritises employee wellbeing. Ultimately, this can boost engagement, morale, and productivity while decreasing worker turnover and claims related to work-induced mental health conditions.

Guarding the Future with Safety Program Implementation

Proactive strategies and training programs are tailored to ensure ongoing safety and compliance, laying the groundwork for a resilient safety culture. Altius Group's WHS consultants provide comprehensive support - from establishing and managing your entire health and safety framework to enhancing specific components within your safety program. Whether your business operates on traditional paper-based systems or modern digital platforms, we integrate our services to enrich your existing operations. 

Our expertise is particularly beneficial in transitioning businesses to automated safety management systems, such as our proprietary AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software, suitable for small and large enterprises. By developing a comprehensive safety system, we help strengthen your corporate culture and provide tangible evidence of due diligence in health and safety.

Advancements in Organisational Psychology with Altius Group

Mental health is a critical component of workplace services because it significantly impacts employee productivity, engagement, and overall wellbeing. Good mental health at work contributes to a positive work environment where employees feel valued, connected, and supported. Conversely, poor mental health can lead to increased absenteeism, reduced performance, and a higher risk of workplace accidents. Addressing mental health in workplace services also helps to destigmatise mental health issues, encouraging a culture where employees are more likely to seek help when needed.

Two ways Altius Group contributes to the mental health of employees through organisational psychology services include:

Decoding Talent: The Power of Psychometrics Testing in the Workplace

Psychometric assessments identify personality traits and cognitive abilities that predict job-relevant behaviours. Altius Group’s organisational psychologists apply these data-driven tools to enhance recruitment processes by gaining a deeper understanding of the candidate's potential. Beyond hiring, these insights are invaluable for targeted coaching, supporting professional development, and guiding career transitions.

Support at Every Step with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA): Virtual and In Person

Recognising that one in five Australians face mental health challenges annually, our accredited MHFA training empowers participants to identify signs and symptoms of mental health issues. The program provides essential skills for offering initial aid and guidance on when and how to seek professional assistance. Covering a range of conditions from depression and anxiety to psychosis and substance abuse, the training is adaptable to the needs of any organisation. The course can be delivered through on-site sessions, community delivery, or a blended online approach.

Nurturing Growth: Comprehensive Wellbeing Services by Altius Group

Integrating comprehensive Workplace Wellbeing Programs is crucial to addressing the multifaceted nature of employee health, addressing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects. These programs go beyond traditional health initiatives by creating an environment that promotes overall wellbeing, resulting in a happier, loyal, and more productive workforce. Additionally, such programs can lead to reduced healthcare costs, lower absenteeism, and increased resilience within the organisation.

The Wellbeing Services by Altius Group include:

Personalised Wellbeing and Health Coaching Services

Altius Group promotes health transformations and partners with employees on their wellness journey. Our skilled professionals guide individuals through a personalised coaching experience, employing evidence-based methods for health behaviour change, goal-setting, and self-management. Whether it’s a single session addressing a specific concern or a structured series, our services are custom-fit to meet the diverse needs of your workforce. Some of the wellness topics that can be addressed include exercise, nutrition, parenting, relationships, and financial guidance, all complemented by AltiusLife, our interactive online platform and app.

AltiusLife and Our Holistic Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Altius Group's programs address the essential pillars of health: physical, mental, and social. Our tailored offerings adapt to your organisational resources and time constraints, setting the stage for a culture of wellbeing. Enhanced by AltiusLife, we extend the learning experience to support behavioural change. This platform uses tools like health trackers, articles, and rewards that resonate with employees’ lives in and out of the office. Investing in such comprehensive wellbeing solutions promotes a healthier, more vibrant workforce, that's more engaged and productive while reducing the likelihood of employee turnover. For more information, explore our brochure.

The Synergy of Integrated Workplace Services

The benefits of a holistic approach to workplace services, incorporating psychosocial risk assessments, safety programs, psychometric testing, mental health first aid, and wellbeing services are endless. Put simply, this synergy is essential for promoting a culture that values employee health and organisational safety as indispensable pillars for success.

Altius Group’s comprehensive workplace services can transform your approach to employee wellbeing and safety. Take the first step towards a healthier, safer, and more productive workplace today, and reach out to explore our tailored solutions for your organisation - contact us online or call 1800 258 487.

Let's overcome your health challenges