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Empowering Abilities: Susanne's Year of Breaking Disability Employment Stereotypes

Susanne or ‘Suzi’ is a living example of the strength of tenacity, fortitude, and the correct kind of support in a society that frequently underestimates the potential of people dealing with mental health issues and disabilities. After reaching a noteworthy career milestone of 52 weeks, Suzi shares her inspirational tale of overcoming adversity, changing her life, and discovering success in an unlikely place. 

A battle with inner demons

Suzi's journey started out with a background of agoraphobia, chronic depression, anxiety, and a crippling fear of driving. She had previously worked in the beauty industry, but her mental health issues made going back seem unfeasible. Even though the struggle she faced every day seemed unwinnable, she found the inner strength to strive for a better future. 

Driven by a need for direction and a resolve to turn her life around, Suzi set out on the difficult journey to gain employment. She was drinking alcohol to self-medicate while dealing with mental health issues, and she knew that something needed to change for her family as well as for herself. 

A guiding hand 

Suzi sought the help of CIM Employment by Altius, where she was given customised resume and cover letter writing assistance. Looking into possibilities in the retail industry, she made a name for herself at Harris Scarfe. CIM Employment remained a steadfast source of support for Suzi, offering advocacy and assistance, especially after she had faced workplace bullying in a previous job before joining Harris Scarfe, that had caused a temporary setback. 

Suzi's commitment and diligence at Harris Scarfe were appreciated. She went from being a regular team member to an Assistant Manager in a short amount of time. Her promotion was evidence of the transformational potential of resilience as well as a personal accomplishment. 

In addition to her work as an Assistant Manager, Suzi gained exposure to the management side of the business. Participating in the interviewing and hiring process showcased her growth and honed her management skills. 

Beyond professional success, Suzi's newfound independence allowed her to secure her own rental property. It's a tangible reflection of the growth and confidence she gained through her employment journey. 

CIM Employment by Altius' support continued even after job placement. Regular check-ins from Employment Consultant, Astrid, ensured a holistic approach to Suzi's well-being, not just at work but in health and family life. This ongoing support played a crucial role in her maintaining employment and finding fulfillment in her role. 

A message of hope 

Susanne's advice to others facing similar challenges is simple yet profound:  

Be open and honest about your struggles. Transparency with a Disability Employment Service Provider (DES), like CIM Employment by Altius, is key to receiving the support needed to achieve goals. 

Susanne's final words: "There is light at the end of the tunnel, and there is always hope. Don't give up."   

Engage CIM Employment by Altius to promote inclusivity and empower change in the workplace. Learn how to maximise your career potential with individualised assistance for job seekers with disabilities.
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