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Congratulations to Adeline: Winner of the 2023 Group Services Award

We are delighted to share that Adeline, our Application Management Lead Consultant from the Group Services team, has won our Group Services Award this year. 

This award recognises her remarkable achievements and performance in delivering value to our customers, clients, and the business. 

Customer Satisfaction

Adeline, or Addie as she is fondly called, has enabled us to meet and exceed customer expectations in various system and process rollouts with her expertise, diligence, and work quality. Her work has directly contributed to our business growth, efficiency, and reputation.

Client Relationships

Addie has excelled in building and maintaining strong relationships with our internal clients. She communicates effectively, informing people about changes, updates, and progress. Her proactive attitude has enabled us to better align our operations with client objectives and provide appropriate solutions.  

Business Innovation

Addie is always looking for ways to innovate and improve our business processes. Her initiative, "Ask Addie," which she launched during our fortnightly huddles, has been a game-changer. This initiative, aimed at enhancing team skills and knowledge, has become a popular and useful resource for many, proof of her commitment to continuous improvement and support for her peers.

We are extremely proud to have Addie on our team. Her professionalism, dependability, and creativity have not only earned her this well-deserved award but have also made her a respected and valued member of the Altius team. Congratulations, Addie! 

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