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Ben: A Leader with PRIDE

PeopleSense by Altius is proud to announce that Ben, Registered Psychologist and Principal Account Manager, has been awarded the PRIDE Values Award for the 2023 Altius Awards. This award recognises a team member who demonstrates the core values of Altius Group:  Professionalism, Respect, Innovation, Diversity, and Excellence.  

Ben has been with PeopleSense by Altius for 12 years, starting as a clinician and rising to his current role as a leader of the account management team. He is responsible for ensuring our large Employee Assistance Program (EAP) clients receive the highest quality of clinical services and customer care for their employees.

Ben embodies the value of excellence by being transparent and accountable in his work. He follows PeopleSense by Altius’ psychologist-led model that adheres to evidence-based practices and rigorous internal supervision. Ben delivers quality care that PeopleSense by Altius is known for.

Ben is a natural leader who inspires and influences others to uphold and align with the company's values through his commitment to honesty and ethical conduct.

One of Ben's colleagues, Anthy, who has worked with him for over five years, shared her appreciation for his leadership and integrity. She said, “He is constantly seeking new ways to improve processes and outcomes, not only for consultants, but for our customers, clients and the business as a whole.”

Ben is not only a leader in his field, but also a mentor and a friend to his colleagues. He is always ready to offer his time, support, and guidance to anyone who needs it, regardless of his workload. He is known for his care and compassion, especially in times of personal or professional difficulty.  

Anthy shared her experience of working with Ben when she was still new at PeopleSense by Altius. She said, “As a new immigrant when joining Altius Group, I felt like I was starting from scratch. Ben, then head of the clinical team, generously gave his time to answer my questions and explain processes, despite not being my direct manager. His regular encouragement during periods of self-doubt has been invaluable.”

He also has a good sense of humour that brightens up the office atmosphere. He is a delight to work with and a role model for everyone at PeopleSense.

The PRIDE Values Award is a testament to Ben's outstanding contribution to the Altius Group culture. He exemplifies what it means to be a professional, respectful, innovative, diverse, and excellent team member. Congratulations, Ben, on this well-deserved recognition. You are a leader with PRIDE, and we are lucky to have you on our team. 

If you are interested in learning more about how our EAP services can support your organisation and your employees, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

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