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ARPA Awards - Altius Awards

Celebrating Excellence: Altius Group Triumphs at the Victorian ARPA Excellence in Workplace Rehabilitation Awards 2023

In a moment of pride and celebration, the Altius Group extends its heartfelt congratulations to the outstanding team members from AMS Consulting and Nabenet who emerged as victorious champions at the Victorian ARPA Excellence in Workplace Rehabilitation Awards 2023!

The remarkable WINNERS who have raised the bar:

Kate Flack (Nabenet): Outstanding RTW Achievement Award - Physical Claim (OES)

Briony King (AMS Consulting): Outstanding Consultant Award - New Employer

Bennita Thongvilay (AMS Consulting): Best New Starter Award - Original Employer

These accolades stand as a testament to their expertise, dedication, and commitment to elevating workplace rehabilitation standards.

To those who stood tall as FINALISTS, your contributions are deeply valued and acknowledged:

Abid Mujala (AMS Consulting)

Suzanne Abrahams (Nabenet): Exceptional Leadership Award

Jordan Pankiw (AMS Consulting): Outstanding Achievement in RTW - Physical Claim

Yannick Verjans (AMS Consulting): Outstanding Achievement in RTW - Psychological Claim

Apart from the awardees and finalists, the awards ceremony also marked a significant moment as individuals from across the industry were recognised for their dedicated years of service and contributions to the Victorian workplace rehabilitation industry.  

The following list comprises team members who have been acknowledged for their tenures:

AMS Consulting

Gary Fitzsimmonds (45 years of service)

Nick Janides (25 years of service)

Frank Imbesi (24 years of service)

Fiona Garnham (20 years of service)

Darryl McClimont (20 years of service)

Annette Pavone (18 years of service)

Todd Britt (15 years of service)

Jodi Puncher (15 years of service)

Emma Olle (12 years of service)

Chandra Siddaiah (10 years of service)


Claire Nichol (22 years of service)

Andrew Paice (22 years of service)

Cath Stent (21 years of service)

Christine Theisz (20 years of service)

Sharon Batters (19 years of service)

Russell Yin (18 years of service)

Amy Williams (14 years of service)

Jessica Healey (14 years of service)

Lisa Kelly (13 years of service)

Chris White (12 years of service)

Vanessa Cariss (12 years of service)

Glenn Rodwell (11 years of service)

Kirsten Read (11 years of service)

Nancy Kung (10 years of service)

Felicity Barras (10 years of service)

These achievements symbolise a collective effort that sets a sterling example for the entire Altius Group.

This triumph is more than a fleeting moment:

It is a reflection of the unwavering dedication, innovation, and compassion that the awardees and finalists pour into their work daily. These recognitions epitomise the very essence of Altius Group's vision to elevate the wellbeing of every person, business, and community.

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